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CEO Words

A group of "Lang", one heart, one thing, striving for the first. We are a team with dreams and beliefs. In the next 5 years, we will set the product target of being NO.1 in the subdivision field in Asia and the revenue target of "10 billion" Keeping improving, we are down-to-earth; With the world in mind, we aim high. Based in Shanghai, radiation throughout the country and look to the world. Facing the future, we have only one goal:through our own strength and contribution to community, with “Integrity and quality  “to shape the core of China's excellent brand, let our alloy world-renowned! We are convinced that the growing maturity of Eraum alloy will lead the alloy industry forward with a much more steady pace, a sense of urgency and sense of mission.

Eraum is taking big steps towards a green and sustainable development path. We are aware that the competition in the future is focused on technological innovation and brand depth, is the competition of enterprise internal & external training together with sustainable development. Eraum to become a leading brand in the industry, it is necessary to constantly beyond the self, master more core technology.

We are not afraid of difficulties, because our dream is firm and powerful, to stand on the wave of the times, it is necessary to take out the courage of the turbulent surf. We are confident that every one of Eraum people will become the driving force for the development of enterprises, with full passion to invest in scientific and technological innovation, from manufacturing to creation, we will become a respected Chinese enterprise!