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Who We Are

Shanghai Eraum Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. was established in Jinshan District, Shanghai in 2011. Registered capital of 50 million yuan, the existing four production plants, specializing in the production of military and civilian dual-use corrosion resistant alloy, super alloy, precision alloy and other products. Products strictly implement the military standard, national standard, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard and other domestic and foreign production standards. Products are used in national defense, aerospace, nuclear power, equipment manufacturing, ship platform, oil, natural gas. Chemical industry,The company won the 2023 Shanghai Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprises and the 2023 Shanghai Top50 Growth Enterprises.

why choose us

At present, the company has passed the German TUV quality management system. ISO9001  and PED certification, and through the weapons and equipment quality management system  certification, Weapons and equipment production qualification certification. Meanwhile the company won“ the national key small giant enterprise”,   “the national specialized special  new  small  giant  enterprise”,“Shanghai  high-tech  enterprise”,“Shanghai Specialized, Refined, and New Enterprise”,“ Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise ”,“ Jinshan District Gazelle Enterprise”,“ High quality development of star enterprises”,“  Enterprise Technology Center“,”Engineering technology research center“ ,”expert  workstation” and other Honorary titles.  Our products also won“ the Shanghai famous brand”,“  Science  and Technology Progress Award”,“Excellent invention achievement Award“ , “The 20th New Materials Industry Exhibition of the Fair excellent products second prize”   ,“The 21st Industry Fair new material professional award”,“The 22nd Fair New  Materials Industry Exhibition Excellent exhibition products award”,“Shanghai key product quality research results second prize”,“Shanghai integrated development  innovation professional Gold award”, “  Shanghai industry-university-research cooperation excellent project first prize” and other awards. At present“Eraum alloy” brand has been renowned in the industry at home and abroad.
ISO14001-2015 ERAUM6ux
ISO45001-2018 ERAUM5j4

R&D strength

The company focuses on scientific and technological innovation and brand building, annual R&D investment accounts for more than 5% of the main income to establish a complete enterprise technology center and engineering technology research center, obtain more than 30 authorized patents, and participate in the formulation of 9 national standards and 8 industry standards, leading the development of the industry. The comprehensive technology of the company's 5 products verified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences has reached the international advanced level . The company   actively participated in military-civilian integration projects. It provide superalloy materials for a unit of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, high-quality special alloy materials for China North Industries Group , low inflation alloy for China's aviation industry, which successfully applied to domestic large aircraft projects. Replacing imports with domestic products has broken the foreign blockade monopoly and filled the domestic blank.

our factory

The new plant is located in Fengzhan Road, Fengjing Town, Jinshan District, covering a total area of 230 mu, characterized by "high starting point, high technology and high efficiency", adopting advanced, mature and applicable new processes, new technologies  and new equipment, introducing world-class special smelting equipment and extrusion production line, selecting the domestic leading fast forging press, highly intelligent automatic seamless pipe production line, Key advanced equipment such as large-scale precision temperature control, high-efficiency and energy-saving heating furnaces and heat treatment furnaces have been added, and the process and equipment have reached the domestic advanced level.

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"Keep up with the international frontier, the world-class standard", with the goal of creating first-class equipment and first-class products, to become a high-end new material production enterprise with leading technological advantages, cost advantages, efficiency advantages and regional advantages in the industry.