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Ichiro Alloy Sprint Conference


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    Ichiro Alloy Sprint Conference

    2024-01-23 14:46:01

    Final Sprint - Oath Ceremony

    On the morning of November 12, 2023, Ichiro Corporation held a grand oath taking ceremony to "sprint for 50 days and win 2023". Chairman Fu Huaqing, along with management and all members of the marketing center, participated in the event, which was hosted by Vice President Chen Xiaohu.

    Speeches by leaders of major centers

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    2023 decisive sprint

    Starting from Meng Xiaofei, Vice President of the Marketing Center, the heads of each center took the stage one by one, speaking on behalf of their departments and expressing their determination to do their best to achieve their goals and make the final sprint.

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    Chairman's summary speech

    2023 is a year of great transformation for Ichiro. The shareholder structure has changed, and the organizational structure has also changed. However, our original intention remains unchanged, and our passion is even stronger. Truly interpreting the essence of Ichiro: a group of Ichiro, one heart, one thing, striving for first place.
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    During the sprint phase, Director Fu proposed four requirements:
    1、 Safety first, safety first on the road of sprinting
    2、 Quality first, quality first on the sprint road
    3、 Improve performance and enable employees and the company to grow together
    4、 The team works closely together and never gives up until the end

    At the same time, Fu Dong gave the oath taking members confidence and encouragement, encouraging everyone to strengthen their confidence. The difficulties in front of them are not scary, but what is scary is the lack of courage to stand up from the difficulties and change them! As long as we show our courage, we can overcome all difficulties and obstacles, and exceed our goals.

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    Each center signs a military order

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