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Inner Mongolia has an annual production of 100000 tons


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    Inner Mongolia has an annual production of 100000 tons

    2024-01-22 14:23:06
    High purity silicon-based material phase II project cold hydrogenation phase II special material pipe fittings have been successfully delivered!

    Delivery site

    On the morning of October 22nd, employees in the loading area of the workshop of Shanghai Yilang Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. operated cranes and forklifts in an orderly manner, neatly placing the packed N08810 onto the truck for delivery and logistics transportation. This is the first batch of products delivered for Inner Mongolia Daquan New Energy Co., Ltd.'s annual production of 100000 tons of high-purity silicon-based materials project. These products will be sent to the equipment production site of the Daquan high-purity silicon-based project to provide guarantees for the operation of the project's cold hydrogenation synthesis unit.


    Corrosion resistant alloy N08810


    Construction site

    For this project, Daquan is expected to invest 8.55 billion yuan in the Jiuyuan Industrial Park in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, for the construction of project equipment. The cold hydrogenation unit is the "core" unit of polysilicon production, which converts silicon tetrachloride into the raw material for producing polysilicon - trichlorosilane. Cold hydrogenation technology greatly reduces device investment and operating costs due to its high conversion rate, low energy consumption, and low investment.
    N08810 has good resistance to high pressure and corrosion, and can effectively cope with point corrosion and crevice corrosion during the production process. Capable of handling high pressure and corrosiveness during the production process, providing assurance for the synthesis of compounds.


    N08810 can also withstand corrosion from many corrosive media. Its high nickel content gives it good resistance to stress corrosion cracking under water-based corrosion conditions. It has good corrosion resistance in oxidizing and non oxidizing salts, and also has good corrosion resistance in water, steam, and mixtures of steam, air, and carbon dioxide.

    Enterprise Introduction


    Shanghai Yilang Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Jinshan District, Shanghai in 2011. It currently has four production plants, specializing in the production of corrosion-resistant alloys, high-temperature alloys, precision alloys and other products for both military and civilian use. The products strictly comply with domestic and foreign production standards such as military standards, national standards, American standards, German standards, and Japanese standards. The products are used in industries such as national defense and military industry, aerospace, nuclear power, equipment manufacturing, ship platforms, petroleum, natural gas, and chemical industry, Exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Germany, the UK, the US, Japan, South Korea, and South Africa. Ranked 31st in the Top 50 Growth Enterprises of Shanghai in 2023, and 99th in the Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprises of Shanghai in 2023.
    At present, the company has passed the ISO9001 certification of the quality management system and the PED certification of TUV in Germany, as well as the certification of the weapon equipment quality management system and the qualification certificate of weapon equipment manufacturing The company has won honors such as "National Key Small Giant Enterprise", "National Specialized, Refined, Special, and New Small Giant Enterprise", "Shanghai High tech Enterprise", "Shanghai Specialized, Refined, Special, and New Enterprise", "Shanghai Science and Technology Small Giant Enterprise", "Jinshan District Gazelle Enterprise", "High quality Development Star Enterprise", "Enterprise Technology Center", "Engineering Technology Research Center", "Expert Workstation", etc. Its products have won the "Shanghai Famous Brand" and "Science and Technology Progress Award" "Excellent Invention Achievement Award", "Second Prize of Excellent Exhibited Products at the 20th New Materials Industry Exhibition of the Industrial Expo", "New Materials Professional Award at the 21st Industrial Expo", "Outstanding Exhibited Products at the 22nd Industrial Expo New Materials Industry Exhibition", "Second Prize of Shanghai Key Product Quality Research Achievement", "Gold Award of Shanghai Integrated Development Innovation Professional Competition", "First Prize of Shanghai Industry University Research Cooperation Excellent Project" and other awards, At present, the "Yilang Alloy" brand is well-known both domestically and internationally in the industry.
    The company focuses on technological innovation and brand building, with annual R&D investment accounting for more than 5% of its main revenue. It has established a comprehensive enterprise technology center and engineering technology research center, and has obtained more than 30 authorized patents. It has participated in the formulation of 9 national standards and 8 industry standards, leading the development of the industry. The comprehensive technology of the company's 5 products has reached the international advanced level according to the latest research conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company actively participates in military civilian integration projects, providing high-temperature alloy materials for a certain unit of the People's Liberation Army of China, high-quality special alloy materials for China Ordnance Industry Group, and low expansion alloy new materials for China's aviation industry. They have been successfully applied in domestic large aircraft projects, replacing imports with domestic ones, breaking foreign blockade monopolies, and contributing to the development of the national defense industry. In the past three years, the company has steadily increased at an average annual growth rate of over 30%. In the future, Yilang Alloy will continue to pursue the path of technological innovation and specialized new brands, optimize its own process technology and introduce advanced domestic and foreign technologies. Through process upgrades and the introduction of advanced equipment, it will reduce energy consumption, improve material utilization rate and added value, and firmly adhere to the path of sustainable development and green environmental protection, constantly exploring and innovating, Strive to build Yilang Alloy into a shining business card in Shanghai manufacturing, based in Shanghai and serving the world.