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The company has a complete product range, including super alloy, corrosion resistant alloy, precision alloy, covering pipe, strip, wire, plate, flange, elbow, flanging, tee and so on. The company has maintained strategic partnership with Sinopec, Petro china, CNOOC, China Aerospace, China Aviation, and China Nuclear Group for a long time, and has won praise from the market. The outstanding R & D team has created more firsts for the alloy development of the enterprise and has obtained several national patents.
At present, "Eraum alloy" brand has been well-known at home and abroad in the industry, the company has obvious advantages in independent innovation, research and development, testing, production and other comprehensive strength, and has been widely recognized in the same industry and has been praised by customers. The company has seven marketing centers in Northwest, The company has established the top ten domestic agents and top ten overseas offices, forming a global marketing service network.